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Our equipment reserves a place for you to change your LOGO. And we also provide model replacement. If you have a model design style that belongs to you or you prefer, we can provide you with production services. For relevant details, contact the business manager directly.



1. Make an appointment for online training:
Contact the contracted business manager. The business manager will send you videos of the operation and clinical treatment of the purchased equipment. We will also arrange the most recent tutor live broadcast to explain the equipment for you and answer your questions.
2. On-site training appointment:
If the equipment you buy is more complicated or there are many types, and you will not operate it. You can also make an appointment with our tutor to go to your company or clinic to give you and your staff training and explanation. But you need to pay for the lecturer's travel expenses and accommodation expenses.
3. Training ensures that you can learn the operation of the purchased equipment:
Our lecturer will explain the equipment for you according to your needs. You can ask any related questions and our instructors will answer them for you. Until you are fully familiar with the device.


1. On-site maintenance appointment:
If your equipment needs our engineers to repair it for you on site. You need to inform the business manager of the purchased equipment and the existing problems in advance. After our engineer confirms that the problem needs on-site repair, the company will arrange his itinerary.
2. Troubleshoot equipment remotely:
When there are some simple problems with our equipment, please contact the business manager directly. Our engineers will immediately troubleshoot and solve the problem remotely for you.
3. Free maintenance for any failure within one year:
Our equipment guarantees that any unintentional failures of the equipment will provide you with remote maintenance and replacement parts free of charge within one year.